Crepe Makers has been a popular staple at the Melrose Market and Calabasas Market weekly since 2010. Owners Eric & Gina Criste waited 3 years for the Thai Town Marketplace groundbreaking so they could see their dream of a brick & mortar

location materialize. They’re excited to offer their fresh, delicious & affordable

signature sweet & savory crepes, paninis, tornado fries, sweet potato fries, lemonades, orange juices, coconut water & more on a daily basis to Los Angelenos.


Hailing from Manila, Philippines, Eric & Gina are living the American Dream. At first they didn’t have a car and Eric traveled on public transportation from LA’s Historic Filipino Town far into the West Valley daily for work. He remembers, “I dreamed of owning my own restaurant” so Eric learned culinary skills and became a Chef.


At one point the couple had 5 jobs simultaneously and they barely saw each other but they knew that the effort and sacrifices were worth it. They used their new skills and their degrees – Eric’s in business management and Gina’s in accounting – to create GC Crepe Makers. They accomplished another big goal when they reunited with their children in 2006.


Always optimistic, Gina recalls, “I didn’t want to work for someone else forever. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. When you dream why not dream big? Dreaming is free.”


GC Crepe Makers is extremely popular at the Melrose Market. They have 5 stars on Yelp for a reason. Some patrons only go to that trendy flea market to buy their cuisine. Celebs like Tyler the Creator, Kendall Jenner, and LA Lakers point guard Jordan Clarkson are some of their weekly customers. “I always wanted to serve celebrities and now I do”, says Gina. Their ten-family member team is a well-oiled machine as they craft the scrumptious dishes for their fans.


 Their ingredients are locally sourced and organic whenever possible. They also buy some of their ingredients from the weekly Thai Town Farmers’ Market every Thursday. By using green packaging they are also helping sustain the environment.


 Future goals include hiring community residents for thenew Thai Town Market Place location. Eventually Gina would like “to make GC Crepe Makers a franchise one day and help others live the American Dream.”


 GC Crepe Makers also regularly caters small, mid and large scale events.


Their Thai Town Marketplace grand opening is scheduled for Fall/Winter 2017 and GC Crepe Makers is honored to be one of the facility’s selected vendors.


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